Monday, 10 December 2018

The Door (Part 3)

Last time…

“I know where they are, I got dropped here last, with the least defence, we need to
get ready, Luca’s trap is really hard…” Said Hazel.


“Let’s get ready.” I said, walking over to the weapons at the door.

After a few hours, (and a lot of practice) we were finally ready, I marveled at the shiny,
sharp, blade.

“Let’s go.” I said.

“Ok.” Said Hazel, trembling a little, her weapon, was a big spiky ball, which looked
very heavy.

We walked out of the room and through a huge archway.

“Who should we save first?” I asked boldly.

“Alan, his isn’t too hard.” Hazel replied, “He’s only got 3 traps, if I
remember correctly.”

We walked off into the distance, and into the darkness.

We came over to a archway, and felt a cool breeze.

“Here we are.” Said Hazel, while trembling with fear.

We ran into the room and started to cut down the ropes in our way…

To Be Continued😋

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

The Door. (Part two)

Last time…

I heard a creak, I brushed the hair out of my face, and entered the now open door…



I looked down to see what I stood on, crossing my finger, I hope it isn’t a bone from
a body. I thought, It was a stick. I let out a whoosh of breath, and looked around.

Suddenly, I heard a evil laugh. “Who’s there?” I shouted into the darkness,
but nothing replied, “Show yourself!” I called fearlessly into the darkness, well, maybe
I was a Little scared.

“Come with me child.” Said a raspy voice suddenly,
“I will show you the way to your friends…”

I walked through the darkness, following the raspy voice, they didn’t want me to
me them, whoever they were, suddenly, I saw a light. I started to run, and then I saw
them, well, her. Only one of my friends were there, she weren’t very hidden,
but there was a big, thick, gnarly, rotten rope around her. I quickly started untying the
knots she was stuck in.

“Clara!” My friend gasped, “How did you find me?”

“Hazel, I’ll explain how later. First of all, we need to find Alan and Luca.” I replied.

“I know where they are, I got dropped here last, with the least defense, we need to get
ready, Luca’s trap is really hard…” Said Hazel...

To Be Continued (again)

Sunday, 2 December 2018

My Cliffhanger Story. (DO NOT READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO ANNOY YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I wondered what was behind the door, I touched the rusty jagged knob,
it fell off in my hand. Here goes nothing. I thought, I stepped back a few paces, and ran,
at the last moment, I jumped, and rose my leg. I screamed as I hit where the door should
have been. The cracked concrete floor hit me as I landed on it with a loud thump. “What
was that for?” I shouted into the darkness, but nothing replied.

I stood up in front of the door and gulped, What should I do?

I knocked on the door, and heard a hoarse laugh. What was behind the door?
The suspense was killing me, suddenly, I saw a red jewel appear in the middle of the
door unlike everything else, it was polished, I knew it was a trap. But I had to know what
was behind it all, I had to know who had set all these traps,  I had to know who had
done this to my friends, I had to know…

I pressed the jewel, and waited, nothing happened, I pressed it again, and again,
and again. I screamed. “WHY! WHY WON’T IT WORK!” I kicked the door,
and immediately regretted it. What would happen to my friends?

I heard a creak, I brushed the hair out of my face, and entered the now open door...

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Girls coding challenge

We started doing something called the Girls Coding Challenge at the start of the term. I didn't post this at the start of the term because we got into it at once. Soon there will be a following post about girls coding from a few days ago.

We do the coding on a website called MIT app inventor and you download the app on a Samsung device or something similar. You follow 4 videos about basic coding to help you understand before you start the coding part. If you still want to try more coding before you start the real thing you can try make up your own or there are PDFs that you can follow to make more like a magic 8 ball.

You also have a mentor that helps you with ideas and kind of helps with the coding part. I will tell you more about the Girls Coding Challenge in the next post in a few minutes. So, goodbye for now!!😊

Thursday, 23 November 2017

My Food Writing


If you want to eat healthy you need to eat 10g or under of sugar and fat, but for sodium (also known as salt), you can have up to 400mg. A good way to remember this is: 10 10 400. Or
another way to remember that is that the number 400 starts with 4 and SALT is a four letter word.

Salt, Sugar and Fat are big worries if you want to stay healthy. But when you want to stay healthy, lentils are a good thing to buy! Lentils have 31mg of Sodium (Salt), 0.og of Sugar and 0.3g of Fat! Two other things that are in lentils are carbohydrates and dietary fibre. (You need to buy lentils if you want to see the amounts of carbohydrates and dietary fibre in lentils)

When we saw Harold the Giraffe last term we learnt about foods and also the food pyramid. In the food pyramid there are three categories, LOTS, SOME and LITTLE. For LOTS, it has fruit and vegetables, beans and bread, and some other stuff. In SOME it has dairy products like milk, eggs, yoghurt and cheese. In SOME there are also protein foods like meat and fish, for example.
Last of all, in LOTS there are foods like coke, candy-floss, lollies and cookies and chips.


Wednesday, 8 November 2017



On Sunday, the 12th of November, it's the Frankley school carnival day. For the carnival all the classrooms make art. This year we got to choose out of 4 items, Symmography, making a bag,T-shirts or Painting on a canvas. I chose to make the bag. I really enjoyed using TWO different sewing machines to put the bag together and cutting up the material for it. I got to screen print on the bag and I also wanted to hand sew some things on, and hot glue some things on too. I liked making the bag and I love the result for it too. HERE IS A PICTURE OF MY RESULT DOWN BELOW...