Monday, 10 December 2018

The Door (Part 3)

Last time…

“I know where they are, I got dropped here last, with the least defence, we need to
get ready, Luca’s trap is really hard…” Said Hazel.


“Let’s get ready.” I said, walking over to the weapons at the door.

After a few hours, (and a lot of practice) we were finally ready, I marveled at the shiny,
sharp, blade.

“Let’s go.” I said.

“Ok.” Said Hazel, trembling a little, her weapon, was a big spiky ball, which looked
very heavy.

We walked out of the room and through a huge archway.

“Who should we save first?” I asked boldly.

“Alan, his isn’t too hard.” Hazel replied, “He’s only got 3 traps, if I
remember correctly.”

We walked off into the distance, and into the darkness.

We came over to a archway, and felt a cool breeze.

“Here we are.” Said Hazel, while trembling with fear.

We ran into the room and started to cut down the ropes in our way…

To Be Continued😋


  1. Good gracious you are having a very creative period the suspense is killing-this is gripping writing(keeping us on the edge of our sears). Ggg

  2. And you are keeping us all on tenterhooks! Your story is very compelling and we can't wait for the next installment